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Fun Meme yoinked…

…from [personal profile] d_generate_girl:


Give me a character, and I will write (up to) three pieces of sexual headcanon for them.

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When you see this, post three lines from three wips you have

From scribble-myname

Lines picked from where I left off

“Creepy.” Cynara stared at the barn, at the lift slowly lowering the Jeep, at the warehouse they were coming down into. “This is not exactly inspiring any confidence in this Adder’s Who—”

“Addergoole.” Luke Hunting-Hawk was not the most talkative of travel companions, and he clearly didn’t want to be out here hauling her in.

“I wonder if you can test them for aether use? I wonder what you’d call it, then, if you wanted to be accurate? Natural aetherics? Hunh, you’d think they’d already call it that, then.”

“You gonna eat or you gonna sit there and whine all morning? I’m sure the schmuck in the next cell over will eat your breakfast with pleasure.”

Cell. They’d said cell.

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A Meme and a Writing Game – ask my characters things!

Okay! I stole this from [personal profile] balsamandash, whose post is here; they stole it from [personal profile] thebonesofferalletters, whose post is here. And because October goes up to 31, I have 31 characters. The characters are from 15 different settings (Counting Fae Apoc, Addergoole, & Doomsday as separate…) so there’s a good chance your favorite setting is on here.

Here’s the game. I have a set of characters numbered from 1 to 31. You may ask them any questions you’d like, and you can keep the conversation going. You can ask them ICly or just as yourself. They will respond with an honest* answer and as people ask questions, I will update the post with who correlates to what number.

* they might lie!

You can:
ask multiple questions to one character.
ask questions of as many characters as you’d like.
ask the same question to different characters.
ask more questions of characters that have already been revealed.
ask additional/clarification/tangential questions in response to answers.
jump in on another answer/conversation if the subject sounds interesting to you and/or your character.
use original or fannish characters to ask/comment
leave your own character for people to ask questions to if you want, be it as a list form or as a singular character who you would like to play with.

1. Tess – The Planners
2. Rin – Reiassan/Rin & Girey
4. Aoife – Vas’ World
13: Basimontin –Space Accountant
14. Aquilina – Doomsday Academy
16. Reynard – Fae Apoc
29. Evangaline – The Aunt Family
30. Edora – Things Unspoken

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I’m not entirely certain what happened – work stress, life stress, home improvement, summer, probably some combination – but I have been in a bit of a writing slump lately.

I am slowly clawing my way out of it, but I wanted to let everyone know that, indeed, I do still exist as more than a WordPress autoposter. <.<

I feel like doing character studies this week/end, 50-150 words of a given character in a plausible situation.


Give me an extant character in any of my settings (or fanfic I’ve written) (if obscure, give me a link) and a plausible situation, something that ~could~ be canon.

I will write 50-150 words of said character in said situation.

See “character” under my tags for an entirely incomplete list. See Character Lists for characters from Aunt Family, Science! and Planners, as well as a partial list of “Named Male Characters with active personalities/speaking lines.”

Thank you for your aid in beating this slump!

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Hurt/Comfort Meme Answer 3: Regine and Ghosts

To wyld_dandelyon‘s prompt to my H/C prompt here

Mid-Autumn Year 8 of the Addergoole School.

Regine looked at her files again, hoping for some other information than what she was reading. She flipped through, pulling older files, staring at the information before putting those files, too, aside.

“Auriel–” she began, and stopped herself. Her throat was tight.

Mike took her hand. “Auriel died young, Regine. We don’t know what would have happened.”

“He lived to be twenty.” Her first son have lived long enough that they had known he would not Change.

“Maybe it comes with the Change.” Mike fingered the folders gently. Liliandra was his daughter, too. And while Agatha was… something… there was absolutely no denying that the girl who called herself Lolly was insane. “What are you going to do?”

Auriel wasn’t insane. But she couldn’t hope her children wouldn’t Change. “I don’t know.” Her voice cracked. “I don’t know.”

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Hurt/Comfort Meme Answer 1: Drunk, Admund/Doug

To Rix_Scaedu‘s prompt to my H/C prompt here. After Into the History of Addergoole.

When he wanted to really, really get shit-faced, when he wanted to puke until his stomach was empty and then drink more, Doug didn’t go to Maureen and he didn’t go to his father.

He and Luke emerged from the sub-basement of the school quietly, and just as quietly went their separate ways. Doug scrubbed quickly, washing the ichor and gore off his skin, threw on the first thing that came to hand, and went to Agmund’s.

The Bear opened the door without question. He took in Doug’s expression and poured two glasses of vodka. “Sit,” he said, tilting his head at the big leather couch. “Sit, I will get the bottle and the bucket.”

Agmund never asked questions, and he never told Doug it was time to stop. And when it finally came to drunk tears, when Doug sat leaning over a bucket of mostly-clear vomit, sobbing shamelessly, Agmund passed him water and patted his back.

“…They were kept alive,” Doug muttered. “Alive down there. And we never knew.”

“We never knew,” Agmund reiterated, and passed Doug another glass of vodka.

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Stolen Meme, what I’m in the mood for ATM

Put a number and a character or two or three in comments, and get a hurt/comfort ficlet of some length (possibly v short).

1. injured
2. sick
3. drunk
4. cry
5. lonely
6. fight
7. afraid
8. humilated
9. bullied
10. sprain
11. disoriented
12. stressed
13. too much
14. not enough
15. death of loved one
16. ghosts from the past
17. delirious
18. headache
19. allergies
20. cut
21. PMS
22. The straw that broke the camels back
23. fever
24. throw up
25. worried
26. anxiety

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