In Which Physics is not my friend (Gardening)

We have 8 4×6 raised beds against the garage in two 4-bed rows, made of 1×8″ locust boards.

We bought – late in the season because of shenanigans – locust enough to raise 4 of the beds up to 16″ (The posts were left tall last year for that purpose) and – even later in the season – compost/topsoil mix to fill them.

Saturday, I hauled approx. 100 gallons of dirt (mostly in 5 gallon buckets) to get one bed filled up to the top & transplanted a couple of plants that had been waiting (one poor little tomato plant is like 8″ tall and already giving me one solitary tomato).

Yesterday, I was working on leveling the back beds up to their first boards before adding in the second row. I stood on the front board to smooth out some dirt…

…and the board tipped backwards out of its screwholes, neat as you please.


Longer screws, more screws, board replaced. But seeing all the roots there was kinda neat. Maybe my next project, I’ll make clear plexi raised beds.

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  1. someone mentioned having made raised beds with hinged sides for easier harvesting of root crops [esp potatoes in that case]. i thought it was genius.

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