Kitty Escaped, Shortish version

So, earlier yesterday we had our twice-yearly birdy-stuck-in-the-chimney (it’s a vestigial chimney that terminates in the laundry room, left over from when the house reasonably had two wood-burning stoves). T. got the bird out, but Merit caught it mid-air.

And then the boys surprised her, and she lost it, and eventually T. got the bird outside.

I have to think this was on her mind when she very uncharacteristically darted outside while Ri & I were getting ready for our walk.

The problem is, Merit’s a skittish kitty, and once she darted… well, usually, I can get around her and spook her back /into/ the house.

Not this time. She ended up in the hedgerow, I lost sight of her…

T. spent hours out there, calling her, talking to her, but she was too far freaked. When he came in, after dark, Rion went out and did the same.

(I am very lucky I live with people who can sit calmly for periods of time. I… can’t. <.<)

It was nearly 11 when Ri coaxed a none-the-worse-for-wear Merit back inside, and hugs were had all around.

But I shall be a bit more careful with the door for a while now.

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  1. Ack, no fun when that happens. We lost my wife Tracy’s cat for a week once when she slipped outside without us noticing, only to find her hiding the in bushes in our neighbor’s yard the day before Christmas Eve.

    • We have coyotes around there, and, while she survived them just fine in kittenhood (we found her in our compost bin; she started out wild), it doesn’t make me fret less… <.<

  2. Eeep! I’m glad you got Merit back inside safely. Houseguest cat getting out for just a couple of hours was scary.

  3. I do not know Merit, and am not sure what she looks like. She was in the compost? How many kitties reside in the Alder household? I am very glad she is safe, I know people go very fast on that road.

    • Three kitties! You met Oli and Theo. Meritocracy is a sleek black kitty girl, about a year younger than the boys. I don’t have a picture of her easily available, but she’s a little baby black panther.

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