A Week in Alder

The Highlights

A Few Stories
Other Soldiers, Other Fates (posted on Patreon for Reiassan)
Wildlife Refuge, a Fae Apoc story
Seasons’ Change, a fantasy-style story

Tell me Things
New Novellete-Series Idea

My Serials
Jumping Rings Chapter Five: Thrust
Edally Academy Chapter Seven: Classes and Challenges

A Piece of my Life
The Falls at Taughannock
Weird Summer

Other People
Doomsday Academy: First Day of Math by
Possibly all of my Djinni Icons
K Orion Fray’s Inspiration Wednesday: Mountains, Gandalf!

New Writing Prompt Site: Thimbleful Thursdays

Giraffe Business
Did You Know (Giraffe Call Commissions still open)
Two Continuations Anonymously Paid For (GiraffeCall)

Feedback Requested
Please help me narrow down this tag to 5 or ten choices…
Reiassan/Edally Wiki Question

Anyboy Want some Kale?
The People… They look Like Ants…
Taugannock Falls St. Park – looking out across the gorge to the lake

My Life
8 Years Ago in my Personal Life

Landing Pages
Langing Page: Doomsday (new)
Landing Page: Dragons Next Door (updated)

Fursona Generator

Aquilina at School
Going to Learn How to be A Samurai
Being a Samurai takes Work
Visiting Doomsday
Outtake: Things Need to Change (posted at Addergoole.com/9)
Adergoole/Criminal Minds Xover
Fae Apoc
How do you know that it won’t work?
Aunt Family
How the Family Does Things
With the Goats
The Goat Legacy
Tír Na Cali
Some Jobs Just Aren’t Worth the Risk
Entanglement for 3 Word Wednesday
Friday Flash: Intelligent Life

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