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And Ahead of Me… a story for #Fridayflash, DailyPrompt

I woke alone, I woke blind to the world, and I woke scared.

Those are the things I know about when I woke, and only those, not when nor where nor why I was, or even who I was. I was against a wall, the floor was cold, and I could not see.

And you were not with me. Of course: I was alone. But more than the absence of other breath, other voices in the room was the absence of you.

I found my feet, somehow. I found a stick, a cane, somehow. My body knew the way. I found a door – that was harder – and the sun on my face told me travel west.

But the ache in my gut told me travel east, so east I went.

The bus was going North, so I walked. The police officer that stopped me wanted to take me west, but I talked him out of it. The punks that wanted my money, when they found I had none wanted to take me to their home.

But their home was to the south, so I kept walking anyway. I didn’t know where I was going – how could I, when I didn’t know even who I was? – but I knew you were there.

“There’s nothing to the east,” the taxi driver told me. “You can’t go there like that.” I say taxi drive, like I said punks, because he asked if I needed a ride and told me a price, like the punks grabbed me with hard hands and then handed me back my cane with soft words.

The sun’s warmth was gone before I reached my destination, but I could feel the edge of the road with my cane, so I kept walking. Cars would rush by, a gust of wind and a blast of sound, but I kept walking. They’d honk or shout or both, but I kept walking. The night grew cold, but I kept walking.

I didn’t know how far I had to go, and I could not see the signs to read them, but I knew you were ahead of me still. There was nothing to do but keep walking, keep walking.

The sun was warm on my face again when a car pulled alongside me. “You can’t be here,” the woman told me. “The signs say so.”

“I’m almost there,” I told her, and by that I knew that I was nearly to you. “Only a little longer.”

“But you can’t be here.”

I kept walking. There was nothing behind me, after all, but the dark. And ahead of me was you.

To [community profile] dailyprompt, 2014-09-10:
If I was blindfolded
If my memory was erased
If every sign pointed
to another place
I’d still find you

For #FridayFlash

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Flying Squirrel: Frying Pan, Fire?

A continuation of Flying-Squirrel’s Freedom (or Fetters)

“Freck, freck, freck!” Farley was still fighting against the fetters when the Fondly sisters came for him.

The foremost one – Fanny, probably – was dangling a set of keys from her finger. Her red-furred ear sported a new notch, but she and Fiona were otherwise unscathed. “Finally.” Fanny’s smile had way too many teeth. “Do you know how long we’ve been looking for you?”

“And we only had to kill half a pirate ship to get you.” Fiona looked around ostentatiously. “I wonder where we can get some more crew…”

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Absolute last call for donations for this Giraffe Call

We are $4 from the “character art” threshold, and I would really like to get an art of our samurai catboy.


Just a reminder: $4 now buys you 400 words, twice what it would with my normal commission rates. Got something you’re just dying to see a little more of? Now’s your chance!

These rates will be open until I wake up tomorrow morning, if you want to push us towards the $50 “I will write an extra fic for everyone” level!

Closed! Next Giraffe Call will be around about the 11th of October!

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Prompts Wanted: Demifiction for Circled Plain (Inner Circle)

Much like last month’s call, I’m looking for prompts for demifiction set in the world of Inner Circle – the Circled Plain or the greater universe.

I’m realizing that I’ll need padding for the webpage when I get it up some time this week, and demifiction is a good place to start.

I will write at least 4 pieces of at least 100 words during the month of September.

What is demifiction? – to quote myself quoting [personal profile] lilfluff: “To quote [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith demifiction is, ‘Demifiction is imaginary stuff written as if it were nonfiction. This includes such things as reviews of books that don’t exist, fake movie posters, heroes’ shopping lists, etc. It can be challenging to write but it makes a great way to stretch your creative skills, and a really fun way to explore your settings.’

What is Inner Circle? Good question!

Inner Circle is a Serialized web fiction story following two inhabitants of a city on the Circled Plain as they bend knee to serve in order to climb the city’s stratified social ladder.

The world of the Circled Plains is, in very short, a far-post-apocalyptic world heavy with magic, where much of the landscape is still blasted and riddled with monsters, and people huddle within walled cities for survival.

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