The Aunt Family – a Welcome

The family – Evangaline’s family, Beryl’s family, the family – has known how to use power for a very long time. They’ve known who should have power, too – them, of course, and preferably nobody else.

It’s a big family, but there’s a lot of power to be had; they’ve been collecting it for quite a while.

And, because they understand – through hard experience, in some cases – what happens if you hold power without paying sufficient attention to it, the family condenses that power into one person in each branch of the family, an unmarried, childless woman who has, so the theory goes, no distractions from her power. Because the family is not known for its creativity, they call this woman the Aunt – and she is always a niece of the former Aunt.

Evangaline has recently taken on the mantle of the Aunt, but the family is already guessing that her teenage niece Beryl will be the next one to wear the mantle.

The “Aunt Family” setting is rural modern fantasy, set in an unnamed town where the family’s reputation has, over the generations, gotten around. The magic is quiet, but nobody really doubts that it’s there.

The Aunt Family Landing Page is here.


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7 thoughts on “The Aunt Family – a Welcome

  1. These clarifications are helpful, thanks. • has known known how to use power → has known how • what happens it you hold power → if • the niece of the former Aunt. ?→ a niece of The 3 userpix at the bottom all say “No such user” in hovertext.

    • I don’t think I can change the hover text; they’re images from my DW account. Glad the clarifications are useful. Fixing the typos now.

      • I don’t think I can change the hover text; they’re images from my DW account. You could, but you’d have to go into the HTML on the LJ post. A nuisance.

        • Yeah, and changing the HTML on one post and not the other is… not useful. If I later make changes to the DW HTML it will wipe anything I’ve done to LJ. *sigh* The long form is, in the future I can photobucket the images instead of pulling them from my DW icons.

    • <blink> There is hover text? My browser isn’t showing it to me, oddly. If I pull up the image info, “Associated Text” says “Eva” for the second one …

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