A Week In Alder

The Highlights

Some Stories
Cats and Grandmas – a Story of Aunt Family
Meeting the Archmage – a story of the Circled Plain
Oil & Water for Thimbleful Thursday

Feedback Requested
Ladies Bingo – Prompt a Square!

My Life, My Brain
Micro-Housing becoming a trend fascinates me
Gone Sailing!
Taughannock Falls

My Serial(s)
Edally Academy: The Angry Aetherist – Chapter Eight: Far From the Best

Other People
Signal Boost: LB-Lee’s Writeathon
K Orion Fray’s September Prompt Call

If You Want to Be A Samurai
Gonna Be a Samurai… Kitty?
Baram’s Elves
There Are Always Choices
Fae Apoc
Safety (After Wildlife Refuge)
Stranded World
Like This & Like That A [personal profile] djinni Icon Fic
The Heritage that Wasn’t
It’s not the Prom for Three-Word Wednesday
Better Left Unsaid, for #fridayFlash

September’s Theme Has Been Chosen
The Aunt Family: A Welcome
Landing page updated:
Fairy Town

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2 thoughts on “A Week In Alder

  1. Too busy to catch up on the reading right now, but • Cats and Gradmas > Okay, so someone’s making a big holiday out of Graduation Day, and the cats get involved? (Well, of course they would.) → Grandmas

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