Trek-Style Geek, a story for #3WW

To Three-Word-Wednesday (Today’s words are Carcass, Geek, Slash).

“When you said you were really into Star Trek, this is not what I expected.” Anna stared at the refridgerator carcass which currently took up the large part of the shared living room. “Hector, what are you doing?”

“I didn’t say I was into Star Trek. I said I was a ‘Star-Trek-style Geek.'” Hector pulled another piece from the guts of the fridge. “This isn’t our fridge, don’t worry. I got it off craig’s list.”

“That aside – and good – what is it doing in the living room?” Anna picked her way closer through the debris.

“The dining room wasn’t big enough.” Hector didn’t even bother looking up at her; he was performing some sort of hack-and-slash excavation of what was left of the fridge’s internal organs. “There, that’s what I was looking for! And, besides, this is closer to the basement door.”

“Closer to the… Hector if you’ve done anything to the woodwork…”

“Relax, re…” Hector shook his head. “No, sorry. Anna, I promise I read the entire lease and haven’t done anything to hurt any part of this house. It’s just that the doorway there was exactly what I needed. And now that I have this piece…” He pulled himself to his feet with an arcane piece of circuitry. “There. That’s the last thing I needed. I’ll clean up the rest before dinner, but you have to see this, Anna, please?”

He was being so sweet. Were Star Trek nerds – Star-Trek-style geeks – supposed to be sweet? “O…kay?” Anna trailed Hector to the basement door – the precious door with its 19th-century woodwork.

Very carefully set in and around the door was some sort of – metal frame? – although to call it that did it a disservice. Anna thought she could recognize parts of the ‘fridge door and parts of a destroyed table a previous roommate had left. But what Hector had made – well, it was somehow beautiful. And, she noticed, very carefully set in the ancient wood frame, not attached to it.

“With this, I’ve got it.” Hector knelt down and screwed something to the right foot of his – um, archway? – still not quite looking at Anna. “It’s pretty, isn’t it? And I knew that this house had capital-H-History. So I figured out the last bits, and…” He flipped a switch Anna hadn’t seen before. Something whirred, something else zzapped, and in the space that should be leading down to the basement, a field of blue sparkles appeared. “See?” Now Hector looked at Anna, a wide smile crossing his face. “I told you I was a Trek-style geek.”

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