The Week In Alder

The Highlights

Edally Academy has its own website!
Coming Soon! “What Follows,” an anthology of the End Times – coming out next Friday!

Some Stories
The Haircut – Patreon theme story
Insult Atop Injury – Reiassan, for Thimbleful Thursday
Icon Flash: Order – a tiny story of Stranded World

Edally Web Page: I Still need your help!

My Serials
Edally Academy Chapter 10: May Our Failures be Small, Educational, and Overlooked by our Enemies
Interlude: From the Stables to the Home
Interlude: A New Look at History

Other People
Fallen From Grace, written to my prompt by K Orion Fray

(It was a short week, as I focused on getting the Edally & Inner Circle web pages going)

Some Stories:

Fae Apoc in all its permutations
Whilst at Doomsday – Luke visiting Doomsday Academy
IconFlash: Trees (Ce’Rilla)
Under the Sea, a Selkie story for the Giraffe Call
Semi-Formal Timeline of Reiassan, finally
Aunt Family
Family Secrets and Cat Secrets – after Cats & Grannies. and Cat’s in the Attic.
Space Accountant
Bunking Arrangements, a story of Space Accountant for Ladies’Bingo

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