(Not Actually Demifiction) of Inner Circle – Whoops

So, [personal profile] thnidu prompted me with a lovely prompt to my request for Inner Circle demifiction prompts.

And then I went and forgot I was writing demifiction, and wrote fic around a poster. So um. Semi-demi-fic?

Names by Sky & @Inventrix

“Attention.” The New Indapala guard stood up on the plinth behind the well, using the bellowing voice for which he’d likely been hired. Around the square, two others guards were posting notices. Dermonnil slipped behind the guards, holding tight to Grental’s hand. “Hsst,” rhi warned. “Don’t cause trouble.”

Grental, who at fourteen actively resented being a little brother, tugged at Dermonnil’s grip but didn’t pull away. “I’m not stupid, you know.”

“I know. But this – this is important.” And the Guard was not known for being all that patient with outer-circle whelps.

The guard cleared his throat again, but Dermonnil was already reading the notice.

Now Hiring

(the notice read)
The City Offices of New Indapala are now hiring sturdy, quick workers of all Circles
(“…Wait. All circles? Why do they have a notice out here, then?”

“Sst, Grental, let me read.”)

For a new, professional, squad of emergency responders. Members will be considered Aside the Ladder, able to travel into any Circle for job purposes.

Job is considered highly dangerous, as it involves fighting fires, dealing with Flow-spurts, and aiding the injured and unwell.

“…For more information, speak to any Guard, or come to the City offices for your Circle. Thank you.”

“Der, you’re not really gonna… Der…?”

Dermonnil was already heading towards the nearest Guard.

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  1. 😀 Oooooh, goody! (Just before “For a new, professional,” take out the slash before “center”. Then it should work instead of showing.)

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