I’m rubbish at making decisions…

Chress & Arissa: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/820967.html (Rock, Hard place)
I have a vague idea of what he looks like and a vaguer idea of her.

Edora & Rodegard http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/831779.html – no idea at all, except age (princeling/Mentor)

Daxton & the merc: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/820052.html – no idea, except body type

So, whoever I get an icon/art of I’ll write more of.

I really want to write Edora/Rodgard/the Princessa as a love triangle romance novel; I really want to play with Chress and Arissa. I’ve sort of gotten to the end of what I planned with Daxton & the mec, but I could write more.

*chews on lip*

*chews on lip more*

Help? Whoever I do, I have to figure out what they look like.

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  1. Hrm. Rodegard calls Edora “Dame” (which I think of as a knight’s title) and assumes she’s a bodyguard. I’d guess from that she fits that part visually — gets some sun, maybe has some scars, callouses on her hands (suitable for sword-wielding), hair either short or pinned/tied/braided firmly out of her face, clothes she can move in. Maybe brown hair with sunstreaking, maybe greying at the temples? In contrast I’m inclined to paint Rodegard pale, fair skin, light hair, maybe light eyes — especially given his apparent distaste for plowing. Though if he knows what that’s like he’s been outside at least some … maybe he sunburns readily. 🙂 Daxton I think is a skinny lad, too, but perhaps mostly from his time in the dungeon — at least not hulking, since Ms. Merc can nigh-carry him out and hurry, too. He has muscle memory for horseback riding and knows a hunting cabin so he used to get in a decent bit of time outside, and may well have a few scars of his own. Distinct ethnic line in the ducal family, from one of Ms. Merc’s comments; she’s been at court but can blend in with the background, so she probably looks more like the local commoners and not like a foreigner or noble. Leave the red hair to the Red Queen. Give the ducal line dark curly hair, olive skin, a square cleft chin that looks better on the men than the women? The local commoners tend toward medium brown hair that lightens in the sun, sometimes with red tones, ruddier skin, lighter eyes? Ms. Merc seems practical enough to have short out-of-her-eyes hair. Broad shoulders, slim hips, long tapered fingers, light on her feet, fewer scars than most people in her profession …

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