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Looking for an Icon…

(aren’t I always?)

I tried a few images, but nothing looked quite right.

What I’m looking for is something a little more subtle than my Kink Bingo Icons – something like a really pretty lock and key, or the back of a collar – something that says “D/s” without screaming it?

Yeah, that’s really vague.


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It’s time to commission an arts

I would like to commission an art from this artist – http://drkarayua.tumblr.com/post/114425161426/drkarayua-hello-friends-i-am-currently-taking

So: Who?

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I’m rubbish at making decisions…

Chress & Arissa: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/820967.html (Rock, Hard place)
I have a vague idea of what he looks like and a vaguer idea of her.

Edora & Rodegard http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/831779.html – no idea at all, except age (princeling/Mentor)

Daxton & the merc: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/820052.html – no idea, except body type

So, whoever I get an icon/art of I’ll write more of.

I really want to write Edora/Rodgard/the Princessa as a love triangle romance novel; I really want to play with Chress and Arissa. I’ve sort of gotten to the end of what I planned with Daxton & the mec, but I could write more.

*chews on lip*

*chews on lip more*

Help? Whoever I do, I have to figure out what they look like.

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With another Djinni Icon Day coming up…

…you should all go request an icon

I point you to this tag for previous Djinni art.

Thoughts include: Clockwork Apoc (Emilia? What’s she look like? The Mechanic? How about her?)

Meritocracy, my kitty? What sort of hat indicates meritocracies?

My Rock/Hard place or my subby Ace boy or my Older woman Younger guy from the last prompt call? What do THEY look like?

Cynara? Something else Doomsday?!

(I picked Cya. Trix & I are doing the Cya/Leo family tree)

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Djinni Icon Day!

Djinni has an Icon Day Open!


What what what do I want?

Recent “need an icon” that have come up:

* Reynard
* Baram
* Saydrie/Enrie
* Lyn-the-writer (less important)
* clockwork Apoc

Also, go get an icon for yourself!

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