Turn Left Story One: Baram’s Elves

From the Turn Left meme here: http://aldersprig.livejournal.com/1005760.html; off of this story: http://aldersprig.livejournal.com/306171.html in the Baram’s Elves sequence, an AU.

When the first creature broke through – fell through, really; her hedges were hungry and she’d taken lessons from Valentina as well as Valerian – Jaelie speared him to the ground. “Submit,” she demanded.

He coughed blood on her shoes, blood that slowly began eating at the leather of her boots. “Bitch,” he spat out. “I submit.”

Viatrix’s blade hesitated.

“You’re mine, then.” Jaelie twisted the spear. “Say it.”

He spat again, the acid in his blood beginning to dissolve her pants. “Yours, fine.”

Once he’d fallen, the battle went quickly. The rest either submitted or died, leaving Via, Aly, and Jaelie with four angry returned-God Kept between them.

After the third act of near-disobedient, nearly-deadly sabotage in a week, Baram – who had been grumblingly patient – put his foot down. “No Kept in the house. No other men in the house.”

The women took stock. Something was going to have to change. “I’ll go.” Jaelie stepped forward. “I’ll… do something with them, and come back.”

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