A Rough Timeline of the Faerie Apocalypse, Part I

May/June 2011: the first sightings of portals from Ellehem and suspicious activity begin.

October/November 2011: The violence of humans controlled by the fae and returned-gods-related natural violence are in full swing.

January/February 2012: Fights between returned-gods and fae-who-remained are a common occurrence as those who remained – Nedetakaei & Shenera Endraae alike – work to keep the Returned Gods from taking over.

March/April 2012: The armies of the world are fully involved.

May 2012: “Nukes work,” Russia reportedly tells the US, “but only if they don’t see them coming.”

June-October 2012: All-out war, ending not so much in a truce or a win in a pyrrhic victory for human troops: the fae invaders are nearly destroyed and the gates to Ellehem are sealed shut, cauterized. But there are few human troops left, and large parts of the world are devastated and ruined.

2013-2015: Starvation and disease take millions of lives. Many people have migrated out of cities, but the countryside is hostile; many people move all over the world, looking for safe places. Monsters and returned gods, hungry humans and just-as-hungry fae roam the place, attacking settlements for food or supplies.

2015-2020: People are settling in. Those that survive have mostly learned how to survive. Many live in the barest of subsistence living; some live in a decent level of low-tech/off-grid comfort, and a few have managed to salvage pre-Collapse technology and standards. The monster count is still high – the returned gods brought with them many creatures and made more here; there are hungry fae of all types, many very angry at the state of things, and unscrupulous humans are still to be found. Smart people live in walled settlements and do not talk to outsiders. Almost every corner of the world is cut off from the rest.

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