That Time Again (A mini-micro-prompt-call)

When I want to write tiny fic.

Two ways to go:

1) Leave me a prompt with one of the following themes/ideas:
-a) Sun, the sun, solar energy
-b) Space Opera
-c) variants, variances, varying

2) What’s your favorite one of my settings? What makes it your favorite?
– Leave me a prompt based around that idea.

This is open just this weekend, and just for as many prompts as I feel like sandwiching between submissions, commissions, & editing. I’ll write 100 words to each prompter, 50 more for each of the theme ideas above you manage to get into your prompt.

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0 thoughts on “That Time Again (A mini-micro-prompt-call)

  1. 2) Dragons Next Door (like that’s telling you anything you didn’t know). I like the characters, I’m intrigued by the world, I’m a sucker for dragons and fairy tales. And Kelkathian, of course. 🙂 More of the gremlins foiling the kidnappers? Or looking at 1) — Variations: Aud preparing some of her tisanes.

  2. Addergoole/FaeApoc is my favourite. It’s the first of your writing I found, so there may be an element of loyalty there, and I think it’s just the right combination of hidden world/boarding school/kink/dystopia for me. A student (or staff member) finding out for the first time that there is a kink they like. 🙂

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