February Theme Poll

If you have donated/commissioned/tipped at least $5 since October 15, 2015, you may vote in this poll.

I will write at least one public and one private ficlet to the winning theme this month, more as the mood and time strike me.

Voting will close Monday, February 9th at noon EST

The themes:

1. Stranded World (Setting)
2. Fae Apoc (Setting)
3. Love Stories (motif)
4. Hurt/Comfort (motif)
5. micro-flash-fiction (type)
6. Demifiction (type) – 1 vote
7. Vas’ World (Setting)
8. Dragons Next Door (Setting)
9. Obsession (motif)
10. Music and song (motif) – 1 vote

If you’re not sure if you can vote, please feel free to ask. Thanks!

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