December Theme Poll!

This Month’s Theme Poll is live!

The choices are:
1. Stranded World (Setting)
2. Fae Apoc (Setting)
3. Love Stories (motif)
4. Hurt/Comfort (motif)
5. micro-flash-fiction (type)
6. Demifiction (type)
7. Vas’ World (Setting)
8. Dragons Next Door (Setting)
9. Obsession (motif)
10. Music and song (motif)

If you have donated or commissioned me in November (nobody did), in October after the last theme poll, or if you donate/commission me between now & the poll closing, you may cast your vote here!

Become a Patreon Patron OR Commission something via Paypal.

As a Patreon patron, you’ll have access to Patreon-only fiction. Donate $6 or more, and you’ll also put us over the threshold for a second chapter on both serials this Sunday, and get the Patreon that much closer to the first donation threshold.

Commission a story, and I’ll write you your very own fiction, 250 words for every $5.

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