I Live! (Blog post)

I’ve been a little quiet the last couple weeks, at least compared to my normal output.

I’ve been working on submissions and commissions primarily – see New Year’s Resolution of 4 submissions/month, which I may have to modify. Currently, I’m working on a piece for a coming-soon project – it involves crows!

I’ve also been working on a commission from Kuro_neko: Year Zero Addergoole!

I’m still playing with Trope-Bingo (Jahnan & Yira) and my for-fun story (Amrit & Mieve), as well as Luke Visits Doomsday, but all three of those are better if posted in longer pieces instead of my normal 250-300-word blorts.

AND I’ve been considering taking some of my older pieces, re-working them, and releasing them as small collections.

Thus, a question for you: * What would you like to see as a collection (Setting, specific character, a story that stuck in your head)?

* And what do you think would sell?

Edited to add: Wyste reminds me that there was another question: * What should I do next/continue in regards to serials? More Edally? Angry Aetherist is nearing its end. More Addergoole? More Inner Circle?


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  1. I’d like to see a few of your slightly longer kink stories, I think. On the note of serials, I’d vote for Jumping Rings, unless Addergoole: Shahin/Kai/Jamian’s kids edition was on offer.

  2. I love Stranded, Aunt Family, and Dragons Next Door. I would like collections in any of them, not sure which has the most finished and complete for publication. I know Stranded has a Winter story and a Summer one which are mostly complete, I think.

    • What’s already complete really isn’t the question; anything will require rewriting & editing enough. It’s more a question of what will sell.

      • Hem, not sure I have the distance for that. Stranded is family-based urban fantasy that hits my buttons and the poly stuff may have an audience. The other two are more unique and hard to put in a genre, by niche stuff is fun, and that is a market for fantasies with cats!

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