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Na-na-na-na na-BAT BAT

Warning: the below contains frank discussion of cats being tiny predators, and also sometimes dumbasses.

Also, while I cannot find this in my posted blogs, I wrote this in mid-July of this year, so if you have read it before, a), I apologize, and b), please let me know.

Na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na…


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Brewfest, a late-posted Blog Post

This weekend  September 28th was Brewfest. 

I got a little behind in posting these.  Oops!

“Is Brewfest just Oktoberfest with a fedora?”

“It’s more like… Oktoberfest without a hat at all.”

That being said, around here, Brewfest, at least the one we go to, is at the Boathouse, which used to be Thee (yes like that) Amish Market and is now a nice combination of a brewpub on one end and a flea market/craft store on the other end.

With your ticket, they give you a little 6-oz mini “pint glass” and 12 tasting tickets.  Continue reading

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Dollar General, a blog post

This is a little outside of my normal blog topic scope, but today I am going to talk about Dollar General, specifically Dollar Generals opening in poor rural neighborhoods.

There are lots of articles about this.  I mean lots.  Dollar General actually has a practice of opening (to quote one blog post, “where Wal-Mart won’t go,” which makes the pundits talk about “shutting down Mom & Pop stores.”

Which – might be true in some places.  I don’t live in an urban area right now, although I know that most of the grocery stores left downtown Rochester when I was a teenager.  Your options are the corner bodega, the one sort of sketchy Shur-Save, or take a bus (or drive, if you can afford a car) out to a Wal-Mart or a grocery store on the edges of the town.

Where I live – Where I live, there’s not even the old half-carcass of a former grocery store.  If you want groceries, you drive/take the bus into town.  Or you buy them overpriced and stale at the gas station – which is what a lot of people I ride the bus with did.  Continue reading

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So, the first year we were in our house, someone came onto the property and just started picking apples.  Claimed they knocked, but T. was in the garage and they didn’t, say, leave a note or anything, they just started picking.

T. told them to Get Off My Property and, as far as we know, they’ve never come back.

I giggle about this sometimes.

Couple years ago, this guy who looked like a hipster except with a thick Eastern European accent stopped by and wanted to photograph our tree.  I told him only if he took some apples. 😉  He took like three reusable-shopping-bags worth and came back later for more.

Last year, a nice guy brought us a gallon of cider BEFORE he started picking apples, and brought us some maple syrup too, and then more cider.  Took a lot of apples – we did not have any shortage, let me tell you.

Just got a note from him the other day and, in addition, there’s a nice older lady who stopped by with her grandkids to pick some apples.  Hooray!  I am super thrilled by people who come to me to get apples.  (Especially when they leave cider behind).

But only if they ask first.

Or, you know, happen to bike by while we’re picking apples.

Or come with a good recipe for something we haven’t done with apples yet.

(And we still have more than enough for ourselves, let me tell you, even without breaking into the weird apple trees in the hedge row).

Also, tonight for dinner: Kale Apple Soup.

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Bright Lights, Small City (a blog post)

I’m generally the sort of person that likes to have plans, well, planned out well in advance. 

But sometimes a friend drops a link in your chat box and says “do you guys want to go to Binghamton tomorrow?”

And… well.  It looked good  — the link, the hanging out with close friends, the relatively short drive (1-½ hour or so).  And we didn’t have anything urgent to do that Saturday, and…

So we drove to Binghamton. 

Binghamton is… well, let’s start.  NYState is in the Rust Belt, which I’m sure you know if you live around here.  It has a lot of remnants of former glory — for instance, I grew up in (near) Rochester, which is the birthplace of Kodak, Xerox, and Bauch and Lomb (film cameras, photocopiers, and eye care/vision enhancement).  You can see not only, say, the Eastman House (George Eastman founded Kodak) but the old Kodak building, the Xerox tower, the great mausoleums for all these people, then Gleason (works) and Strong… hold on I need to google… oh ha.  Henry Alvah Strong, first president of Kodak. Via Helen Strong Carter, his daughter, First Lady of Hawaii in the early 1900s, go Rochester. 

…Strong Museum of Play, it turns out, is a totally different Strong family.   Continue reading

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The Rain Won’t Come, an experimental Blog post of creative non-fiction

Trying: http://amandaonwriting.tumblr.com/post/46236818204

The weather said rain, rain from 5 p.m. on. The sky said rain, heavy clouds hanging overhead. The air said rain; it dripped with moisture, making the moderate temperatures seem hotter, stickier.

And yet it would not rain, will not rain. It sat sticky and icky until sunset, when the drop of temperature brought some relief. And still, the promised rain, the threatened rain, will not come.

It rained yesterday, of course, heavy thunderstorms that knocked out roads in some areas and flooded downtown Watkins Glen. It rained Friday, a wild storm that turned Lake Ontario muddy. It will likely rain tomorrow.

But today, today it will not rain.

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April A-Z Blogging Challenge: Reflections Post

The Meme Master Post

I do plan on finishing T-Z; you guys left me some wonderful prompts to play with. In the meantime, however, here’s my Reflections post, as asked for by the Blogging A-Z People.

First impression: I really like doing A-Z challenges, and I really don’t think I’ll officially do Blogging A-Z again.

I’ve talked about this with a few of my readers, but for anyone else who’s interested, here are my reasons. It’s a bit cranky, so I’ve put it behind a cut.

I signed up for Blogging A-Z because I thought it would be a fun way to blog about some new topics and to meet some new people.

I got some good topics, and had a blast writing to all of my readers’ prompts. I’ll probably do that again – or another A-Z Giraffe Call.

But I didn’t find that it got me much outside traffic – I get more from Friday Flash or Three Word Wednesday – and I didn’t find it got me much interesting feedback at all. I get more readers from the Giraffe Calls, and those are about the same amount of writing as a blog post a day for 26 days.

So far, I have gotten three comments from A-Z bloggers, 2 from mods, and one of those has spurred me to consider actually posting my “comments policy.”

(The short version of my comments policy: pls. always be polite to others. In addition, please don’t post criticism or critique, typo catches or things unrelated to the post you’re commenting on UNLESS you’ve already commented on the story/blog post in question).

In addition, looking over the blog posts by mods and on A-Z in general gives me the impression it’s really not for me. I’m not a professional blogger. This is a writing blog, where I sometimes talk about my life, too. I have no interest in being hard-core about posting every day, because my hard-core writing is, ah, not this. And I refuse to take my inability to write an A-Z in 30 days as a negative judgement on myself.

I find the idea very intriguing, but don’t really need a “hurry finish this in xx days” sort of challenge, not unless I’m willing to let everything else fall by the wayside for that xx days. Like Nano, probably not for me again.

And that’s okay. There are plenty of other ways to play with other people on the internet!

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April A-Z Blogging Challenge: C is for Costumes

The Meme Master Post

C is for Costumes, sewn with a thread

Costumes! I used to sew a lot more costumes – I used to sew a lot more. I mean, there are pictures of me sewing things back when my parents were building their house – so I was about 5 that year. For graduation from college, my mom bought me a fancy Pfaff sewing machine. I like sewing. But time constraints mean I haven’t done much of it recently.

But! A friend has informed me that I AM going to an SCA event with him in June(*), and since I AM going, that means I need to figure out garb. I have my crap-where-did-the-time-go backup plan (A t-tunic>t-tunic over a long skirt I already own). But if I have the time to do something a little more in-period…

…well, Lyn, the first question is WHICH part of period and the second part is location, no? Or the other way around, possibly.

The stuff that first drew me to the SCA in a theoretical way was 11th-to-1th-century English: Cotehardies. I have wanted a proper nice cote for just about forever, but you can’t really wear them to work. So that’s first option, something like this or this.

BUT I’ve been looking at Viking stuff lately, and I find it very interesting – although the stuff I’ve found doesn’t have that flowing-skirts feel I find so very nice (Actually, some more looking, and I may be wrong on that.)

AND in another line of thought, the clothing closest to the inspiration for Reiassan is Mongol & Turkish. The layers of Turkish, the cut and angles of Mongol clothing – add some ridiculously bright colors and you have Calenyen clothing.

That’s a lot of garb. I suppose I start at the fabric store 🙂

(*) That’s the way to get me past my new-things-are-scary anxiety, IF you know it’s something I want to do AND you are a good enough friend to have that understanding.

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Blogging (Etc) from A to Z

Thanks to [personal profile] anke and [personal profile] inventrix mentioning it, I have signed up for the April 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Please to give me topic ideas? Either microfic or blogging topics are fine!

If I do not get a topic idea by the time I am ready to write that day’s blog post, I shall be forced to ramdomize or make something up myself 🙂

A is for Apoc burning bright
B is for Bondagage, Nice and tight
C is for Costumes, sewn with a thread,
D is for Dragons, with gold for a bed
E is for Elves, for fairer or worse;
F is for Fires of Gobann, of course.
G is for Gifts, both given and got;
H is for Houses – repairs and whatnot.
I is for Islands
J is for Jewelry
K is for knitting and kisses and kites
L is for Lust, in the days and the nights.
M is for morning, the moon, and the mountains.
N is for nereids standing in fountains
O is for octopi clinging to jetty-as
P is for posturing, and peacocks, and poinsettias
Q is for quietness leading to mystery
R is for ritual that helps cement historyS-
S is for the shore, and the sky, and the storm
T is for truth, all embroideries shorn
U – uniforms, umbrellas, upside down cake, unicorns
V – Velocipede, velociraptor, vector, virgin
W – west, wet, water
W for Worldbuilding
X is for xylem, supporting the bast.
Y- Yelling
Z- Zoned

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Five Things….

If I were to do a series of Five Things… blog posts, what sort of subjects would you like to see?

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