Slowed-Commute Kit, by JJHunter

Over here, [personal profile] jjhunter has written out suggestions for a kit to survive delays in Boston’s public transport.

But this is similar to my 6-hour-bus-ride-to-NYC kit, or the waiting-in-line-forever kit (I pack small, portable knitting as well) – generally, any time when situations beyond your control might mean you’re waiting for just shy of forever. It’s well worth a read.

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  1. <nod> Good list. It’s icky here. Portable crafts or a book helps a lot, though cold platforms make crafting or wrangling pages tricky. Food and water — a warm beverage is awesome if difficult to wrangle reliably — make things much easier to deal with, too.

      • Relatively spoiled. The power hasn’t gone out, lots of what I want/need is in walking distance, and I can traverse snow piles if I need to. (Getting around in this with crutches or a wheelchair would not be nice.) I haven’t been making it to Madrigal staff meetings, but falling back to skype, while not good, is better than nothing. But everything is extra, extra slow. There are places that deal with a lot more snow than this routinely. Local issues with it include the public transit system being undermaintained (a long-running problem) and finally being pushed too far by the weather, and lots of narrow streets with no place to put the snow. I expect it’s far worse for folks further out of the city, especially if they normally rely on public transit.

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