Opinion and Build-a-Character wanted (again!)

You guys did such a good job with Jahnan & Yira that I’m hoping you’ll help me with Rige and Olivia.

They are in the same world, Foedus Planatarium (Federation of Planets), meant for a for-publication romance story. He’s a prisoner, she’s an archaeologist. (What? I have types. 😉

That being said, I have nothing else determined about them, except that they are both “human”.

“Human” in this case, as this is a space story, covers a wide array of Roddenberry-alien-type modifications and alterations on a bilaterally symmetrical biped with the head on top, as well as a wide range of cultures.

So: what do they look like, what can you tell me about their history?

Feel free to give me a single trait, like “he wears his hair in braids” or “she has green hair.”

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  1. She has webbed toes and gills along her ribs, adapted for a water planet. Her folks think she’s odd for her choice of studies and for living on a dry world, but are bemusedly supportive. He has a far more strained relationship with his family, despite pursuing a career he thought would please them.

  2. His parents, particularly his mother, think they (still) have right of veto over his personal relationships – particularly the intimate ones. Her water adaptations come with greenish mottling on the skin and dark blotches on her dorsal surfaces.

  3. He’s a middle sibling and has a bit of a complex about it (never enough attention). She’s published some of her adventures in archaeology, fictionalized of course (soas not to attract tourists to dig sites), under a pen name.

  4. She has blue eyes that are very light sensitive. To fight boredom, he has been working on an esoteric yoga-like exercise and meditation program and trying to develop clairvoyance.

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