Why I Won’t Be Doing NaNoWriMo in 2015

I’m writing this now in hopes that I will remember it come October.

I’m not going to do NaNoWriMo this year. I am going to try to not do it ever again.

Reasons why:

* It’s hell on my wordcount. Seriously. I might put out 60-84K during November (The year I did 84K, I forgot about Christmas…), but then I don’t put out almost anything at all for December and January. I’d much rather do a steady 25-30K month

* I forgot Christmas. I neglect life stuff. I neglect spouse stuff. That’s ridiculous.

* I was doing it because everyone else is. There’s no reason I can’t pick a project and do 25, 30K on it, playing along with everyone else.

(warning, the below is a bit grumpy)

* being on the Nano forums was in no way audience- or friend-building. It’s often seemed a room of narcissists talking over each other; the art forums are often piles of entitled brats complaining about the free work they’d getting.

* I’ve had constant trouble with the local NaNoWriMo group. It’s never been direct confrontation, but I’ve found write-ins in other regions to be far more welcoming, far more conducive to writing, and far more comfortable. And I don’t really want to drive to the next region.

I like the concept of Nano. I like the sprints, I like focusing on one project for a month. I do like the sense of achievement, but for me, getting to 50K always seemed a little slim. “Yes, I can do this. Okay. Now what?”

But I don’t like the two-month hangover, and I don’t like the sense of isolation and frustration that comes with trying to deal with the rest of the Nano community.

So I won’t be doing Nano this year.

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  1. <nod> I hear you. Not nano in particular, but … crunch time is useful sometime, but for an ongoing effort it’s not worth the crash. People to work with are awesome sometimes (company and accountability and some competitiveness can all be good), but the wrong attitude or atmosphere can be worse than working alone.

  2. I did Nano. Once. Then I figured out trying to shove out X number of words a day only made the act of writing fill me with dread, not excitement.

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