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April A-Z Blogging Challenge: C is for Costumes

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C is for Costumes, sewn with a thread

Costumes! I used to sew a lot more costumes – I used to sew a lot more. I mean, there are pictures of me sewing things back when my parents were building their house – so I was about 5 that year. For graduation from college, my mom bought me a fancy Pfaff sewing machine. I like sewing. But time constraints mean I haven’t done much of it recently.

But! A friend has informed me that I AM going to an SCA event with him in June(*), and since I AM going, that means I need to figure out garb. I have my crap-where-did-the-time-go backup plan (A t-tunic>t-tunic over a long skirt I already own). But if I have the time to do something a little more in-period…

…well, Lyn, the first question is WHICH part of period and the second part is location, no? Or the other way around, possibly.

The stuff that first drew me to the SCA in a theoretical way was 11th-to-1th-century English: Cotehardies. I have wanted a proper nice cote for just about forever, but you can’t really wear them to work. So that’s first option, something like this or this.

BUT I’ve been looking at Viking stuff lately, and I find it very interesting – although the stuff I’ve found doesn’t have that flowing-skirts feel I find so very nice (Actually, some more looking, and I may be wrong on that.)

AND in another line of thought, the clothing closest to the inspiration for Reiassan is Mongol & Turkish. The layers of Turkish, the cut and angles of Mongol clothing – add some ridiculously bright colors and you have Calenyen clothing.

That’s a lot of garb. I suppose I start at the fabric store 🙂

(*) That’s the way to get me past my new-things-are-scary anxiety, IF you know it’s something I want to do AND you are a good enough friend to have that understanding.

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