April A-Z Blogging Challenge: F is for Fires of Gobann

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F is for Fires of Gobann, of course.

Fires of Gobann is my Camp Nano novella, if I ever get to it. It’s set in the Faerie Apocalypse, right in the middle of the apoc.

What is Faerie Apocalypse (otherwise known as fae apoc)? It’s one of my favorite settings, the one in which Addergoole, among other things, lives. It’s a world “much like our own,” but one where magical beings, the Ellehemaei (fae) live and exist next to humans, indeed, appearing as humans. And those beings, in 2011-2012 in-world time, cause a massive apocalypse which wipes out approximately ninety percent of the population: faerie apocalypse.

In this middle of this, two young fae who are former students of Addergoole, Hedda and Argeus, are engaged in a consensual but not exactly friendly Keeping.

What’s a Keeping? Although explored in great deal throughout the setting writing, the short version is: a magical bond in which one person, the Keeper, (in this case Hedda) agrees to be entirely, utterly responsible for the other. In return, the second person, the Kept, (in this case Argeus) is magically bound to obey all of the Keeper’s orders.

So Hedda and Argeus have entered into this relationship – “why” is still unclear at the beginning of the book – and are still working around the edges of it. They don’t particularly like each other; they didn’t really like each other in school, either. They don’t trust each other. They can barely stand each other.

And then the nearby city lights on fire.

(Gobann is a bastardization of a Celtic forge god’s name, and the city is probably Pittsburg.)

Hedda and Argeus are just about to leave the area for someplace safer when another old schoolmate shows up with a favor to call in. Now, they’re heading straight into the fires of Gobann. How will they survive?

I’m really looking forward to writing this story. So far, Argeus is an awful brat and Hedda is a bitch. And that’s from his POV!

I blogged earlier about the cover for this book and the theoretical sequels – here.

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