(P is for) Planted! First things in the garden

3 feet of carrots – the first of many in succession planting – half Red-cored Chantenay, half Short n’ Sweet. They’ll be ready at the end of June/beginning of July!

I’ve got a 4’x6′ bed, and plan to plant a half-row every two weeks.

If I plant the rows 6″ apart, that’s 16 half-rows. /Does the math/ I’d be planting until November… that won’t work (First frost is around October 15th here).

Okay, maybe I want to make some of those half-rows something else. Any suggestions?

Planting more at a time seems counter-productive, but I could space things every week instead.

Do you have any favorite varieties of carrot? (Or any other root crop that takes up a small footprint?) Anything I should dedicate half a row to?)

…I have a LOT of green onion seeds still…

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  1. My garden doesn’t get enough sun to try vegetables. On the other hand I do have a ‘shrub’ that was supposed to be no more than 9 feet tall, say roughly twice my height. It’s now at least four times my height and I’ve just discovered that it’s layered a lower branch so that now I have a baby one too. Naturally the baby is free to any sort of home…

  2. Do you like radishes or beets or turnips? I know radishes have a short turn-around time, and IIRC young beets are sweet and tender. (Someday I hope to have garden space in which to do things like try out varieties of carrots. Meanwhile, I will drool over yours. 😉

    • We’ve been contemplating some non-what-we-usually-do radish, since we eat about 4 radishes a year. Turnips are nice… but they taste VERY TURNIPY when you grow them from scratch! *ponder* I don’t think we’ve ever done beets. I’m gonna try to take lots of pictures this year.

      • Daikon radishes? Horseradish? (… Probably not many of those — like, one, unless you really love horseradish, in which case two or three.) Jicama? Chard or spinach or other small cluster greens? Huh. I wonder if the turnips would taste less turnip-y if you stored them for a while before cooking them.

        • Oooh, yes. I love horseradish! They probably would. I know the stew we made with homemade turnips chased the atticker away from it with its turnip flavor. What’s jicama? *google* ooh, we could play with that! I have no luck with greens except kale, which we *will* grow again, since Kale survived until the heavy February snow this year.

          • Jicama is a round root vegetable with an inedible peel. The inside is white and crunchy and sweet and mild and yummy. I know squat about its growing habits, though. Parsnips! How did I not think of those before seeing them in your comment on DW? Parsnips are made of yum, and IIRC get sweeter if they’re in the ground through a frost.

            • Parsnips are awesome! My family harvested them in spring, but after the way our carrots disintegrated in overwintering, I think I won’t try that right away with parsnips… But there are fall-harvest varieties.

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