Pictures Forthcoming, I promise (Last Weekend/SCA)

I have been quiet for a couple of reasons.

The first is that I started focusing on longer works, with the intention of working on one project each day of the week (Mondays for my Doomsday-with-Cal project, Tuesdays for Edally, Wednesdays for Inner Circle, and so on). (You can see one of the few exceptions here. If I don’t win the contest, I’ll post it here, too.) The results of this experiment have been mixed… probably in part because of the second reason.

I spent almost every moment last week that I wasn’t at work working on My First Garb (technically, second garb, but the first one was in my early 20s, soo), a kirtle/cotehardie based on but with back-lacing and belled, lined sleeves. For My First SCA Event (for realsies, although back in my early 20s I attended a few fencing practices and one baronial meeting, and I’ve been to one fencing practice locally, when Rion was living in my attic).

The kirtle came out pretty nicely. I got a couple compliments on it, despite it’s non-period and slightly time-travelling elements. 😀 😀 There are a few things I’ll fix, but I can fix those later.

And I had a blast. People were friendly, everyone smiled, I was with my friend Q and his giant giant giant dog Mouse, so any time I got stressed out, I could hide behind the dog (which I did more than a couple times). Q. & his girlfriend were also really patient with my need to ease into the whole “people” thing. I’m already looking forward to “when can I do another event?”

Of course, then I immediately got sick and spent Tuesday and Wednesday unable to write a word. But that’s okay, I’m better now, and wrote 1300 words on a submission yesterday. Yay!

(and I’ve been spending every spare minute pinteresting, googling, and generally wondering “okay, what do I make/acquire next?” Current list, possibly not in order: Feast Gear (I have some), Belt, Cloak (brr!), tote/haversack/pilgrim’s bag.)

*cough* So how’ve you all been? What are your current projects?

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2 thoughts on “Pictures Forthcoming, I promise (Last Weekend/SCA)

  1. Welcome back! I’m glad that your mad sewing project turned out well and that you had fun at the event! Doggies do a surprisingly good job of making everything better. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    • I am almost better! I managed yesterday without even a single nap! I have so many thoughts about the event and the doggy and my garb and…!!!

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