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Help me create a meta-fictional fandom & female super-hero


Imagine a world very much like ours, except, through some twist of fate, a major comic book publisher managed to create a female super-hero whose path followed something like Batman’s/Superman’s in our world.

She got a long-running TV show in the 60’s, movies in the 70’s, then a reboot in the early 90’s and another reboot around 2010. The comic strip has spawned dozens of side-lines. There have been animated shows and even a brief musical. Fanfiction abounds. Fan wars abound.

She would have first appeared in a Wonder Worlds Comics (Often called, because of its logo, V4 or V4C) in the mid-30’s.


She needs a name. It needs to be a woman or lady or anything that isn’t girl, please.
It also needs to be not something that already shows up on a Google search, ’cause this is showing up in to-be-published work. <.<

I would like for her to have a super-power of some sort, and a secret identity.

edited to add: now I have two! Waterwoman/Liquid Lady and the Aerialist!

I’m leaning more towards Bruce Wayne than Clark Kent in this secret identity, even though such heros don’t usually have superpowers.

She needs at least 2 sidekicks, pref. with catchphrases, one male and one female.

A trademark villain or two wouldn’t be bad, either.

And anything else you can think of!

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