What’s Lyn Been Doing (in re. writing)?

A glance at my post count for this month suggests there should be tumbleweeds rolling across the dusty, empty plains of my blog. Where’d Lyn go? Off into the aether somewhere…

The truth is, I’ve been doing a pretty decent clip of writing, but I started trying a new system, and, while it’s getting me writing done, it’s all being pretty behind-the-scenes stuff.

Right now, what I’ve got is 6 projects, one/day, that I focus on for all or most of that day: A Doomsday piece I’m working on with @inventrix, Edally Academy, Inner Circle (Although I may have to drop one of those for sanity’s sake), submission stories, the two Addergoole Staff go to Doomsday stories, and Patreon. The idea was that if I reached my wordcount-+-25% goal on any day, I’d work on other smaller things, but that just hasn’t happened, not before 10 p.m. any night.

On the other hand, I’m making good progress on those projects! I had a couple slow weeks the 1-6th and 7th-13th (first garb, then sick), but last week was all zoom, zoom, ZOOM! Focusing on a single project the whole day means I’m less likely to lose track of where I am — but only focusing on it for a day means that I don’t get antsy and bored with it. Win/win!

…except the lack of posting, which I need to find a way to fix. <.<

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8 thoughts on “What’s Lyn Been Doing (in re. writing)?

  1. You’ve been posting outtakes/favourite lines on twitter occasionally; you could post them here, too (possibly with an added note on what/how much you have written lately that you can’t post (yet)) Or you could set aside one day per week (or every other week) to work on smallstuff for posting.

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