September Theme is Chosen! Me-ow!

Oh, no, not the briar patch…

The poll has spoken, and the theme for September will be CATS!

Big cats, little cats, cat-people, cat-shaped aliens, cat myths, the fog, on little cat feet….


Me-ow, me-ow

I will write the following stories for Patreon:

1 free-for-everyone flash fiction, 1 Patreon-only flash fiction, and one Patreon-only short story.

Others may be written as it pleases me.

Check out my Patreon here –

Just $1/month pledge will let you read all Patreon-only posts!

And if you want to prompt, $5/month will not only let you prompt in the prompt call (I will absolutely write to one of your prompts your first month!), it will bring the Patreon to the next milestone…


New Serial!!

Check it out!

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