Lilac in Spring

“Hey, stop that, stop that. You’re my mother, yes, I fully acknowledge that, but what are you doing, no, no, not inside the ear…

The cat often known as Radar was in the habit of ignoring voices that spoke in English. It wouldn’t do for anyone – not even the human that theoretically could call him as familiar – to get used to him being tame. He was a cat, after all, no matter what machinations had folded him into that shape.

But something about this voice drew him back, when he had nearly walked past the room and out of the house.

“I don’t know why you have to clean that bit, I’m already… oh, calm down, he’s not an ordinary tom cat.”

The mother cat was glaring at Radar, moving herself between him and the kittens. She had a litter there, many of them Siamese – the breed Radar had been wearing for some time, including, if he remembered correctly, when this mother cat had been in heat.

And one lilac-point kitten was pulling herself out from under her mother’s protective paw, looking smug and pleased with herself as she studied Radar.

“Hello, father. Come to see what you’ve wrought?”


Another story of the Aunt Family, a prequel to “Kitten Troubles,” written to Kelkyag’s request. 

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