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Sting Marydel and the Cliffs of Anterior, Part 5

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These people just did not give up. “Look.” Spike tried to sound reasonable. “I’m not a team player. I’m not a joiner. I like climbing rocks, not chasing down jocks, and I spend more time on video games than hanging out with my friends.”

“And when David Cominsky slipped on a wet rock last week…?”

Sting shifted his weight onto his heels. How did she know about that? Dave wasn’t going to tell anyone, Cari hadn’t seen what had happened, and he sure as hell hadn’t told a soul.

“I saved him. He’s my friend.” He’d grabbed for Dave’s hand, and everything had been wet. He’d seen the second Dave’s fingers slipped out of his, and then he’d been holding Dave’s wrist. It had been impossible.

But the alternative was Dave in pieces at the bottom of the gorge, and Dave dying wasn’t an acceptable option.

The NABU woman had her eyebrows raised. Sting took a step backwards. “That doesn’t make me army material!”

“I told you, we don’t pull from the same pool as the Army. We’re interested in talented people who are bright, clever, and, frankly, not sure what to do with themselves, and we’re interested in people who sometimes have strange things happen around them.”

“This is just not happening.” He stepped backwards, shaking his head. “Look, you’ve got to be gone before my parents get home. I don’t want to explain a whole bunch of uniformed people on the doorstep.”

“We’ll leave when we have your agreement to come in for testing at the local base.” She smiled, not a pleasant expression. “I imagine by now we’re already the source of quite a bit of gossip.”

Sting sighed. “You’re not going to budge, are you?”

“I am, as a matter of fact, renowned for my lack of budging.”

He could agree and then not show up. Of course, then they’d probably just come bug him again. Or drag him off. “Tomorrow fine? It’s supposed to be raining.”

“Tomorrow at ten.” She handed him a brochure. “We’ll see you there.”


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