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The Water

To sauergeek‘s prompt. Modern era, unknown setting.

The people of Greenville had been pleased to finally get a proper water processing plant. The wells had been producing sporadically for decades now, and the Crooked Lake, while beautiful, was too often green and not the tastiest water by far.

The company that installed it came in shiny trucks and cars with cleansuits and many instruments. “Looks like an alien invasion:” Bernie McDonald wasn’t the first to say it, but he was the loudest.

“Or some sort of government takeover. Men in black.” Gennie Simmons was far quieter than her cousin, but when she spoke, people listened.

“Nonsense, Gennie, they’re in white,” scoffed Bernie. But he, loud as he was, and she, in her retiring way, kept an eye on the workers and the cars, the machinery and and intake tubes, the chemicals and the filters. They were retired, decades past retirement, actually, like half the town. They had time to spy, and they spied thoroughly.

The problem in all that spying was, it wasn’t something the water plant people were putting in that was the problem. It was what they were taking out.

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Turnabout, a fic-start

To [personal profile] kissofjudasprompt: Addergoole, maybe 2 years into the apocalypse.

It was a week into the Keeping that things went south.

If it had been on the first or second or third order, the second day or third, Vercingetorix might have freed her and tried to get a promise not to mess with him in retaliation. But no, it was a week in and even if he’d wanted to, she’d learned too much.

“Go do the dishes, and then work on your homework.” It’d been a long day, and they were both tired; her magic class was exhausting, which he might have remembered if he’d been thinking straight.

“No.” Glaucia looked at him as if challenging him to say something. “I need something to eat, I’m falling over, and I don’t have any homework. Why don’t you do the dishes?”

And, much to his surprise, Vercingetorix had found himself washing the dishes.

To his further surprise, he found his Kept sitting in the armchair, knees to her chest and hands over her face, delicate fins sticking up behind her thumbs.

He took her to Caitrin’s, of course, because he remembered Changing without the pain meds and would wish that on nobody. And in the cuddling and reassuring and watching her little fins and webs and scales come in, Vercingetorix pretty much forgot about the thing with the dishes and so did Glaucia.

The next time was a couple days later, when she started arguing with him about sleeping arrangements. “If you don’t like it,” he bellowed, “sleep on the floor!”

“No! I don’t see why I should. You sleep on the floor!”

And not only did Vercingetorix find himself curled up in the corner of the room with a spare pillow, not entirely sure what had happened, but he felt miserable, like he’d just yelled at his Keeper.

In Vercingetorix’s defense, this sort of thing rarely happened, and he’d never heard stories of it before, not even rumors or whispers. The Kept bond was a Law; you couldn’t break it. Thus, it took him a little while to figure out what was going on.

It took Glaucia a little less time, because she had far less preconceptions to work from. Her Keeper had been able to make her feel miserable and tell her what to do; now she could share that. One made as much sense as the other.

Once she’d figured it out, it was easy to figure out that she should subtle with it – not all his orders were annoying, not everything he did was unpleasant, so she pushed back only when she found what he was doing onerous or annoying (or when she was having a bad day).

If she’d stayed with being sneaky, it might have taken Vercingetorix even longer to figure out what was going on. But since she was a curious-minded individual, she started experimenting with the bonds of her new trick. And when she started pushing things, Vercingetorix finally went from “something is weird here” to understanding what was going on.

Of course, by then, it would prove almost impossible for him to release her.

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A Week in Alder – what have I been doing?

The theme poll is closed, and January’s theme will be Addergoole!
I have been working on this month’s serial post. Werewolves!

Edally continues apace! Enrie keeps digging into things that she really shouldn’t…
If you haven’t checked it out, start here: Edally Acdemy is a series of stories, following three new students as they work through their life and their plans for the future in a steampunk boarding school. It belongs to the same world as last month’s Lexember conlang, Reiassan, and to my novel-in-progress, Rin & Girey.

I’ve started on Languary, an idea started by [personal profile] becka_sutton ([ profile] languary), creating a language for a new setting.

I wrote a series of stories of Boom in Cloverleaf, playing off of some roleplay [personal profile] inventrix & I are doing, itself playing off an old story I wrote of Cya and Boom.

There’s also this AU that came off of that series of stories.

Discovery is set in Edally-Era Calenyen, telling the story of a ship from Homeland reaching Reiassan

Prompt Calls
My December Prompt Call is going to stay open until it stops being fun 😉
The theme is “Prompt something fun for me or fun for you.”
Stories include
Planning for Spring, space/colonies
Dinner, modern/threesome
Bound Up, Fae Apoc/Modern
Warm and Cozy, modern/creepy

I also still have this Addergoole in the Apocalypse “give me ideas” call open.
And Your Little Friends Too comes out of this call

I reviewed 2015

Offline/not posted
I also:
Wrote 1000 words on an fdom cyberpunk paranormal romance novella
Wrote 1300 words on a secret project
Wrote 1300 words of submissions and 300 words of commissions (Commission out for character approval)

For a grand total of 11,681 words from Jan 1-7th!

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