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Looking forward to spring – garden plans

Is it spring yet?

I was wandering around this past weekend without a jacket, so it certainly seems like spring. We’ve started to order seeds – though I need to find a source for purple seed potatoes – so that makes it seem like spring. There’s only a tiny bit of snow anywhere, so that looks springlike, right?

But it’s not yet March, and I live in the northeast. It’s not spring until May, most years. You don’t plant without some sort of covering until Memorial Day weekend (May 30th, this year). And our last frost date is in mid-May.

Still, I can start planning. Planning is easy.

So what should I plant this year?

P.S. My kale lasted till mid-February again this year before it started to turn brown on the tops. Definitely planting kale again.

P.P.S. We still have a few apples from our biggest tree sitting on the kitchen counter.

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A different sort of hunt, a sequel short fiction


Snorri knocked on Felicite’s door, feeling more nervous than he had since his first year of Addergoole. Since his first week of Addergoole.

This had to be done right, or someone else might do something stupid. It had to be don absolutely right, because Snorri did not want The Lightning Blade coming down on Addergoole because the girl that called him Uncle Professor Leo Inazuma had gotten stuck in a bad Keeping.

She answered the door. Snorri tried to ignore the howls and yowls, the flashing lights and the creeping shadows of Hell Night. He bowed shallowly to Felicite.

“I was wondering,” he said, dry and sarcastic, “if you might want to go somewhere quieter for the day.”

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