Archive | February 26, 2016

Shot in the dark: Help migrating Addergoole to WordPress requested

Some time ago, I started migrating Addergoole from its old roll-your-own to a wordpress site:

However, if you look at the original table of contents (, you can see that this is a monumental project.

Is there anyone willing to be bribed with promises of future fiction to help me with this work?

Moving a page involves:

Copying and pasting it from the original page
Checking formatting – it took me a couple tries to find what worked for me
Checking for two name changes from original canon to new
Scanning the chapter for all characters and tagging them in the correct tagging format
Marking each chapter in the correct categories

As I said, it’s rather monumental, but I am drowning in long-term writing & personal projects and am not doing well at getting it done myself.


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