5000 miles… or maybe just 7

♪ Well I would walk a whole three miles
and I would walk three miles more
Just to be the gal who walked six miles…♫

Yeah, it doesn’t quite scan, and it was seven miles anyway… we went on a hike this weekend!

We met up with an old friend, who we used to hike with all the time, and a-hiking we went; we parked one car in Dresden, one in Penn Yan, and we hiked the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail from end to end!

(then we ate fried food and had ice cream, but that was awesome, too).

The trail follows an old railway bed and, unlike most things in the Finger Lakes, it’s relatively flat – good for getting back into hiking. It’s pretty, it’s smooth, and it even has portapotties.

The neatest thing for me, though, was the locks. I grew up on the Erie Canal; I’m used to locks. But I’d never seen them on a creek before! The ones on the Keuka Outlet Creek aren’t functional anymore, but even the ruins are neat to look at.

I think we’ll be going back… just as long as we have someone to park at the other end. 7 miles is enough 🙂

♪…who walked those miles
to fall down on the floor
Da da lat da (Da da lat da)♫

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