Some Paperwork… a story of Space Accountant for the Summer Giraffe Call

Written to kelkyag‘s prompt here for my Summer Giraffe Call. Um… before the accidental marriage timeline, after the initial first-day timeline in Space Accountant

“You have have records on paper.” Genique stared at the Moneykeeper with a look that was fifty percent horror and fifty percent dry amusement. She was still getting over the fact that this so-called pirate ship had a Moneykeeper, in addition to a Quartermaster and a full rank system.

As she looked around Moneykeeper Jeffer ReemMickey’s office, Genique came to the slow realization that the ship didn’t really have a Moneykeeper. They had… an old man who had probably been a brilliant pirate – maybe a hitter, maybe something like a tech expert – when he was younger. He hadn’t died the way pirates were supposed to, early and violently, and they’d given him a sinecure position, something to keep him out of the way.

“Well, and what else would I do?” ReemMickey stared right back at Genique.

“The fire hazard alone…!” Genique shook her head. “The weight on this poor ship. How did you even get all this paper?”

“And how do pirates get anything?” The man was wearing enough jewelry to consist of a weight overage on its own, much of it likely stolen from kidnapped space-cruise travellers. “I took it. And I made the notes like the captain wanted, and tracked the money.”

“So how much money does the ship have right now?”

“And how should I know that?”

“…You know what? Never mind. What I am going to do is track every piece of this paper, and then we are going to have a bonfire. I think the attack bay can handle it.” Genique sat herself down in the center of the mess. “Thank you, Moneykeeper. I’ll be getting to work now.”

She thought he might be swearing at her, but Genique didn’t care. She was already logging in notes.

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0 thoughts on “Some Paperwork… a story of Space Accountant for the Summer Giraffe Call

  1. “‘Moneykeeper’?” The Red Vixen sighed. “Now you see, this is why my ship had a proper investment counselor for the crew. The poor dears were just spending their ill-gotten games willy nilly before I took over, and I had to teach them all the value of stocks with good dividends.”

  2. Ooooh, be careful Genique! If they like him enough to keep him around and paid, pissing him off isn’t a good idea. Also if the captain wanted those notes but didn’t want totals … you already know people are hiding stuff all over the place. (Also now I wonder if there’s “buried treasure” stashed on asteroids or whatnot here and there.)

    • I would not be at all surprised to find out that he’s been skimming this whole time. If so, I wonder if she’ll find out first, or he’ll subvert her (if he’s subtle) or attack her (if he’s not) before she gets the necessary evidence.

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