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Lady Taisiya’s 4th Husband, Chapter 10 – a fantasy/romance fdomme story

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“Show me what comes next, in your books.”

That was an order, and it was an order Sefton understood. He knelt at Taisiya’s feet again, and kissed the outside of each of her ankles. “You are beautiful, my Lady Wife,” he murmured. It was what was in the books, but it was also true. He kissed her calves. “You are strong, and I trust you.” He thought he might, actually. And she had been stronger than he’d expected, so far. He kissed her knees, pushing her robe aside to touch his lips to each knee in turn. “You are flexible, and I honor you.” Her knees were close together; he looked up at her, blushing a bit. “Next comes your thighs,” he offered, hoping she wouldn’t make him ask.

“Does it go all the way up?”

“It does.”

“With, what, wifely virtues? Did you get that out of a book? I can’t imagine a demonstration.”

“A book,” he nodded. “It’s, ah, Toma of Red-Iron’s Seven Ways to be a Proper Husband.

“I’m going to have to check that out of the downtown library,” she commented, but it didn’t seem directed to Sefton. “Well, Feltian, if you’d like, we can move to the bed, but you don’t need to continue to praise my virtues. Do you really think I’m flexible?”

“I always thought that was a strange one,” he mused. “Strength, beauty, wealth, fertility, energy, yes. But flexibility. Am I saying that your mind moves to interesting places? It seems really, um, rude of me to comment on how flexible your body is.”

“I’m more and more interested in this book,” she admitted. “In the meantime, flexibility of thought is probably a good virtue from a husband’s point of view, since there are often so many of you, and, especially in the earlier times, the balance of power was a bit… different.”

“It was?” Sefton had never heard anything about that.

“Some day, if you’re good – which I have a feeling you will be – I’ll show you my history books, the older ones.” She laughed at his expression. “I have learned how to bribe you, it looks like. You really should have gone to the Academy, shouldn’t you have?”

“I’m where my family needs me to be.” His cheeks flushed. “That’s all that really matters.”

“What a very filial viewpoint. And I’m afraid I’ve killed the mood.” She stood up and offered him her hands. “So… today, I’m going to show you what I like, how does that sound? And next time you come to me, I want you to have thought of one thing that you like in bed, and show me that.”

“Yes, Taisiya.” He couldn’t quite look at her, and his cheeks were still burning. Something he… no. Something else? “What would you like me to do?”

“Well, first,” she caught the chain between his wrists and did something with the little clasp in the center, so that his wrists were no longer locked to his waist. “There, that gives you enough movement, I think. Lay down on the bed, and put your hands behind your head.”

“Yes, Taisiya,” he repeated. He lay down carefully on her wide bed and settled the chain between his wrists at the back of his neck, then clasped his hands.

He wasn’t any more helpless than he had been before she unlocked the chains from his waist, but it felt a hundred times more exposed. He watched her, not moving and not saying anything, and speculated on what might come next.

She straddled his legs, and it seemed as if she was considering the same question. “You’ve never been with a woman before, have you?”

He was reaching the point where he wasn’t shocked by her questions anymore. Sefton still had to swallow a couple times before he could answer. “No, no ma’am.”

“With men?”

“…a little.” It happened a lot in school, and nobody really considered it sex. “Especially the last couple months…”

“Ah. You had a good friend, didn’t you?”

He blinked at her. It made sense she would know what boys called their lovers, since she seemed to know everything else, and yet… “Yeah. Two, actually. And…” He trailed off, cleared his throat, and tried again. “Two of us were getting married, so…”

“So you had to fit it all in. Of course.” She leaned over and stroked his hair, the folds of her robe brushing against his skin. “I just wanted to know what sort of experience you’d had. So… you’d kiss them, of course.”

Only good friends kissed. You might have something furtive and wet with someone in the locker room, but you didn’t kiss unless it was serious.

“Show me? Kiss me like I’m one of your good friends?”

Sefton licked his lips. Well, it didn’t get much more serious than marriage, he reasoned. “Of course, my Lady.” He leaned up as she leaned down, opened his mouth to her tongue, and kissed her.

She tasted different than his friends at school – sweeter, with, of course, no facial hair to get in the way. Her tongue was rougher and more determined. She was holding the back of his neck, too, pressing him to her.

Sefton gasped. She was almost as rough as his friends had been, her fingers strong on his neck. He liked it – no, more than liked it. He wanted more. He pressed up against her, squirming. He pulled against the chains, wanting to touch her, to hold her. His hips rose up to meet her.

Next bit will be R-rated. I’ll put it aside in its own chapter for those that prefer not to read the smexy stuff. Here:

Chapter 12: Aftermath –

You can skip the R-rated part without losing the plot.

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