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World’tober… building a world in 31 days

It’s October! That means Nano is just a month away!

And, ack, I need a world.

I thought I’d try to go through my worldbuilding process, such as it is, and break it down into thirty easy posts.

Today, I’m cheating. This is the easy stuff.


Pick, loosely, a setting genre:

Urban Fantasy/Magical Modern? (not quite the same thing but hey, broad strokes)
Post Apocalyptic?
High Fantasy/secondary world? (Thanks to [personal profile] lemon_badgeress for a reminder of the term)
Sci-Fi/Space Opera?

In my case, after a couple polls and some discussion, I’m writing a post-apocalyptic urban fantasy.

That means magic, technology, grit, and ruins.

Of course… lots of my settings are one or both of those: Cali, Addergoole/Fae Apoc, the Planners, Unnamed Water Apocalypses 1 & 2, What-If/Ninefold… So, obviously, this is only the very broadest stroke.

But it’s an important stroke.

What about you? What genre is your setting?
Can you think of any clear options in setting I missed up there?

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