Through the Portal – an incomplete catgirl invasion – for all to read on Patreon

The invasion happened overnight (as far as the Americas were concerned, at least). The portals opened, circles of blue light no bigger than a porthole, in bedrooms and offices and stores and streets around the world, and then they closed again, just as the sensors were starting to detect them, closed again.

There were witnesses, of course; even in places where it was midnight, not everyone was sleeping, and in places where it was daylight, the portals opened in very public places. All of them told the same story:

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5 thoughts on “Through the Portal – an incomplete catgirl invasion – for all to read on Patreon

    • Thank you! if only, a) I had any idea where it was supposed to go, and/or b) I hadn’t used my Xander rip-off character.

      • I think those two things work together. He starts out as a Xander rip off, and learns and grows as he undertakes a Heroes Journey. After all, the super-hot animi-girls are in some kind of trouble, [messed up genetic bottleneck?] and they need to cross-breed. Who knows, maybe the portals opened through time and well as space and they’re all that remains of the human race, gen-engineered hybrids and they need pure-strain humans to back-breed with because mostly they’re not cross-fertile. Of course, that begs the question of what happened to all the humans in future, and what kind of ‘second-hand, built from half forgotten fragments’ culture the hybrids have. Not to mention, does he get passed around, or does his captor end up falling in love?

        • *hastily scribbles down your ideas* Oooh, I could play with that. Time portals. I wonder what their history says about what they did?

          • Well, wormholes open up through time as well as space, and if they need humans in the future, the easiest way to get them is raid the past. I wonder if their history distinguishes between fact and fiction… or is it a weird mish-mash of actually-happened history, hearsay and animie? After all, once the humans vanished, all they’d have left that showed people like them would be whatever anthro-fiction was left. Assuming by ‘future’ we mean sometime in the next couple of hundred years. I.e no aliens, probably FTL and colonies on nearby G-class stars. Say, half a dozen worlds other than Earth, all occupied by the survivors who are descended from a single group of a few hundred made up of different genotypes. [isolated lunar base perhaps? Staffed by anthrotype slaves because no human wants to work there?] Hmm… if it was a plague that killed all the others, it could be they were isolated until it burnt itself out, or they were immune for some reason. [genetic quirk because they were engineered to survive in 1/6th gravity?] The other thing to think about, why the variation in percentages? I mean, a 50/50 split between male and female abductees would make more sense for breeding purposes. So why were only 15% female? Also, why were 7% of them decidedly not healthy individuals in the given age range? Were they after a specific gene, and those were the ones with it? Or does it reflect their population make-up, with only 15% of their population male to the human females [although that doesn’t explain why the 7%]

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