Vexing Child, a story of the 4th Husband ‘Verse, available on Patreon

This is set in the same universe as Lady Taisiya’s Fourth Husband , a world where women are far more rare than men and most women have at least three husbands. Men co-raise their wife’s children (“egglings”), but there is a strict hierarchy within the household.


“You are, without a doubt, the most difficult child I have ever had the misfortune to know.”

Pontlin was not Kivo’s shell-father — that was Yurnan, Lady Ruhinna’s most junior husband — but he was the senior husband and thus the senior father in the nursery, and he had taken a dislike to Kivo early. This wasn’t even the first time Kivo had heard this particular tirade this cycle, although Pontlin, who had wanted to be a performer, always added a certain twist to his lectures, a bit of dramatic flair.

“It is as if you look, specifically, for the most vexing thing you could do, and then try in some manner to make it more vexing…”

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