Patreon: The Expectant Wood, Chapter 7, and the first Trunk Story

The Expectant Wood is Back!

Nimbus tried to scramble further up the wall, but there was still no purchase, and even the window-slit sheared of prickers offered her no easy place to put her hands. “I don’t want to come with you! My parents are right up there,” she gestured. “I want to go with my parents.”

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(considering the subject matter, this is December’s Trunk Story)


“Really, Quizzico? Seriously?”

Quizzico had no answer, so the Tigress looped a few vine-like ropes around the villain – not that Quizzico really counted as a villain, more like a nuisance prankster – and left him, thus trussed, in front of the Ninth Precinct station with a short note pinned to his costume.

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