A Story about a Pegasus, for @midnight_Blaze_

So, unsurprisingly (look at the user icon), [twitter.com profile] Midnight_blaze_ told me

A story about pegasuses!”

So, here’s a story about a pegasus, set in a magical-apocalypse setting I created for a submission story I never finished (The concept being magical animals).
Lodestone could remember being an ordinary horse.

Not in words, not really; Lodestone remembered the taste of fresh grass and the sadder flavor of drought-dried pasture, the feeling of a saddle, the difference between a good rider and a bad rider.
Lodestone remembered being spooked. Being spooked was almost the hardest thing to get over. That, and the feeling that she needed her herd with her.

Lodestone missed her herd. But when the great brightness had come and the explosion had split the sky, something had changed. Not for all of them. It had been Lodestone and Jareth that the strange light touched, while the others in the herd remained…

Well, they remained horses. Jareth had grown taller, his bony back smoothed out, his coat brightened from grey to silver. The silver had touched a horn, and his hooves had changed, being just as silver, being furry and cloven.

Lodestone had not seen any of this. Jareth told her once, later, how much it had hurt, when the horn grew, when his body changed. He hadn’t needed to. Lodestone remembered the wings. She remembered feeling like she had been split apart.

She remembered the look of horror on her rider’s face as she ran out to the barn, dressed in her pajamas, staring at Jareth and Lodestone. She remembered the way it felt when her rider – when Tabitha – tried to cast a spell, the way Tabitha often did, pulling the magic and making the words.

(Words, Magic, Spell; Lodestone had not known those words before that moment, but she remembered them anyway.)

She remembered rearing up into the air, her own now-opal hooves flashing and her wings – wings! spreading, and the magic Tabitha had meant to cast coming out of her mouth.

Lodestone could remember being an ordinary horse. But the time for being ordinary animals had passed for her and Jareth, and there were many more non-ordinary beasts to find.


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