A Request!

My friends,

Today I am going to ask you to talk about me (and then, in fairness, I am going to offer to talk about you).

By this point, all 70-some people who subscribe to this blog know about Edally; you know about MARKED; you know about Addergoole and you know about my Patreon.

(You probably also know about Lady Taisiya’s Fourth Husband, Desmond’s Climb, the Beekeeper, and my sporadic crossover fanfic, about Dragons Next Door, Aunt Family, the Space Accountant and Things Unknown… I could go on all day).

But I would like more people to know about all of those things, and not just because I like meeting new people.

More traffic means more chance for ads, for one — Edally is still under the Project Wonderful traffic threshold. It means more Patreon patrons (which, for those of you supporting me on Patreon, means more content for everyone). More feedback — and we all know I love comments. (You knew I loved comments, right?)

So what can you do?

Tell your friends! (Tell your families, tell the people on the street… okay, I’m getting carried away). If you have a story you love, post a link to it. Liking Edally and/or MARKED? Tell people that!

Post a review! All four of my serials are available on Web Fiction Guide for review: here and MARKED should be up soon.

Post a banner! People like shiny things, maybe they’ll click on a link from a shiny banner?

Talk about the stories! Heck, I’ve gotten more than a few readers just talking about Addergoole on Twitter.

Write fanfic! Or make fan art!

Think hard about my stories in places where telepaths might pick up your brain waves. Don’t wear an EMF-protecting hat while you do so.

For any and all of this you do, I thank you.

Now, the reciprocal part: Me talking about you.

Do you have a project you want highlighted (yours, or someone else’s)? Let me know! Let me know where I can read it, what the best link is. Link me to a graphic, if one exists!

And I’ll plug, review, share, talk it up.



(links to Patreon)

(links to DW)

Edited to add: these came out huge! Feel free to resize, or I will work on smaller ones later, too.

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