March is World-Building Month this Year

…because why not?
here’s a landing page with most of my universes on it.

Here is the 2014 World-Building post

here’s the 2015 post.
I’ll answer 23 questions – hopefully one/weekday but we’ll see – so ask away. Anything world-building, any of my worlds, ask as many questions as you want. (if, by some amazing luck, I have more than 23 questions, I’ll either choose what to answer or overflow into April).

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  1. If the Family in the Aunt Family occasionally splits off anew Family with a new Aunt, where was the original Family? Is it still there? Is there some Family version of “the old country”?

    • Heh. And for smaller variations on that question — where did the American branch of the family, Carrie and Sarah, come from? (I remember thinking Mary’s diaries were older than this, but not why.) Are there other branches into the US / Americas, or are all the family branches there/now from that one root?

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