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It’s the green month!

I gotta be honest with you (or, at least, I’m going to be honest with you), March can be a little dreary. It’s that place between winter and summer that usually seems a little too muddy and a little too grey.

In my yard, I brighten up March by planting crocus and chives — things that come up the moment they have a chance of surviving.
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I tried three times before I got to the “seashore” story for January. This is the first try.

On the summer equinox of his fifteenth year, Farthian was given a boat.

There were three ways out of the Terribad Vale: you took a boat, and hoped for land; you climbed to the north peak of Glinimore, and dropped by glider down into the more shallow mountains in that direction, or you climbed to the pass at the South, and walked for days until you reached another valley.

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