Worldbuilding Month Day 1: Folding Universes

March is Worldbuilding Month! Leave me a question about any of my worlds, and I will do my best to answer it!
This first one is from [personal profile] sauergeek:
Which pairs (or more) of these various universes could potentially be folded into one?

That’s a good question! Let’s see.

I’m not going to count, for the moment, the fact that 2/3 of my space stuff seems like it’s in the same world. (Foedus is not). That’s not really an established universe.

There’s been some speculation/fanfic about Addergoole/Tír na Cali, but that’s primarily because Tír na Cali was the parent setting for Addergoole; they don’t actually exist in the same place.

Facets can exist in almost any of them! That’s because it’s a portal fantasy.

I’m not really getting into the spirit of this question, am I?


Science! and Modern Superheroes could and might exist in the same world.

I’ve speculated about the Aunt Family and either Fairy Town or Stranded World before.

To be honest, I think that’s about it. Expectant Wood/Aerax COULD be part of Things Unspoken, but I don’t think it is. Oh, and Cracks is probably part of Fairy Town.

I think everything that COULD be folded together already was, back in the dawn of the settings.

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