Worldbuilding Month Day 2: Words in Fae Apoc

March is Worldbuilding Month! Leave me a question about any of my worlds, and I will do my best to answer it!
This second one is from [personal profile] sauergeek:
Is there any rhyme or reason behind who gets what Words (and how well various people do with those) in Fae Apocalypse?

Oh yay! I know this one!

Words in Faerie Apocalypse are a matter of a combination of genetics and Change. Of course, Change itself is a matter of some pretty complex and confusing genetics…

That is: Someone with a water Change (mermaid, kelpie, octopus) is likely to be very good with Yaku, water. They’re also likely to have been descended from a line of people with water Changes, although in some cases the interpretations are a little strange.

Someone whose parents are very good at, say, Unutu (Worked objects) and Eperu (earth) and are both awful with Meentik (create) is likely to have those Words as their good and bad Words, respectively. If the parents have widely varied Words, well (for instance: Leo is good at Hugr; Cya can’t say it at all), some of their kids may have Hugr while some might not be able to say it at all.

That’s a complex way of saying “it’s genetics,” I suppose.

Of course, there are innate powers that do not come anywhere close to Words, things that can’t be done with Workings at all. Folding space or time, for instance (well, can’t be done with currently known Words…); seeing the future…

(I keep coming up with examples of innate powers, and LOTS of them can be done with combinations of Workings. Which I didn’t plan, but is kind of neat. Even (most of) Cya’s Finding could be done with enough Words… some of which, I might add, she doesnt’ have).

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