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The Haunted House: The Tour

“MDom Not Asshole” continues, now with a name

First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.
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“So.”  Jasper considered Melanie as if measuring her for a gown.  “Mask Down?”

He made it a request.  She was so surprised that she dropped her Mask like it had been an order.  It had been so long that she’d almost forgotten what she looked like with her fae side showing.  Namesake skin, dark like the shadows.  Eyes blue like stars, or so one or two suitors had said, back when she was free.  Ears that pointed upwards and hair a shade between midnight and ebony.

Of course, she was clean, but she was still underfed and hawthorn-tainted.  She probably looked more like a dirty chalkboard than a midnight sky right now. Continue reading

Prodigal Hope, a story for Patreon


There had once been Nine Hopes.

They had been more than people and yet somehow less; they had been above the bustle and yet below it; they had been the absolute core of civilization and that which it aspired to above all else.

The first Hope to be lost had died in a long and ragged storm that ravaged the coast and destroyed cities.  With it went the whisper of the peaceful sea god.  With it went the trade treaties that had nearly been signed.  With it went thousands of lives.

The second died slowly, a wasting disease that took out a third of the country’s old and weak – wise and knowledgeable – skilled and clever.  With it went history and solidity.

The third and fourth Hope to go slipped away in the night.  Nobody was quite sure if they’d died or not.  Nobody really wanted to know.  The sunshine was a little less bright, the spring a little less pleasant, the winter a little more frightening.  There were rats in the grain silos and mice in the attics. Continue reading