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A New World: Building Potions

First: A New World

“All right, all right.”  Halsey sighed.  “Let’s go on.  I think we have enough for the paper – I mean, we can’t write a paper on this place for Mr. Catalon, anyway.  He’s going to blow his top.”

“We at least have to see the rest of the museum.  Come on, maybe they’ll show us something interesting like where all the tools were or something.  And then we can work out what we’re going to write for class.  I mean.  We could do something on the conflicts between the displays and the book?  And then say, since we weren’t there, we can’t tell?” Continue reading

Beauty-Beast 30: Ctirad

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“Mmm.”  Timaios’ hand settled on Ctirad’s back as he purred.  He looked as if he was going to say something else, but didn’t, merely moved with Ctirad, not quite steering him, into the bedroom as Sal went in the other direction.

When they were alone and the door was closed, Timaios looked Ctirad up and down.  “Stretch for me again?”

“Of course, sir.”  He thought he might be blushing. He stretched up towards the ceiling, then bent back, slowly, because he hadn’t done this in a while, until he could put his hands on the floor behind him.  Then, because he was feeling like showing off, he kicked up into a handstand before rolling down onto the floor into a kneeling position. Continue reading