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Spoils of War III: On the Road

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Their bed that night was not the most restful, but the horses made the cave plenty warm and exhaustion made the ground soft enough with the addition of stacked bedrolls.  She slept close to her prisoner, not because she was particularly fond of him, but because she would wake if he started to leave. And he was warm, too, the way men seemed to be.

She woke before he did and made a sort of porridge from the rest of the food in the saddlebags.  While the mush was cooking over the fire, her prisoner woke and sat up, groaning.

“You cheat,” he complained.

“What were you going to do if I didn’t order you to sleep?  Aside from sleep badly, I mean.” Continue reading

Tootplanet: Explorers’ Logs Planet 7-18-2

Planetary Day 125 

We spent the first hundred days here just trying to stay alive – and with variable results.

We lost three people; Fedder lost a foot to frostbite but survived; Auren lost two fingers to a Fuzzy and nearly lost the hand.

We also found out how to kill the Fuzzies, how to survive their attacks, and how to garden in a cold and dreary place.

Only in the strange “autumn” that we’re in now have we started to worry about more than mere survival.

We’re starting with domesticating Fuzzies.

Planetary Day 174

People who have domesticated predators have not done so under such duress.  We lost one more member, but we also have lots of Fuzzy hides to keep us warm.

We’re going to need it.  Winter is coming in with a vengeance and the Fuzzies are circling.


Tootplanet: Explorers’ Logs Planet 7-17-2

Planetary D253

The glitter hormones are turning out to be more complicated than we ever thought they would be.  And in turn, they are also more useful than we ever thought possible.

We’ve replicated the hunting style of three of the bigger predators and started making “runs” for food animals lined in different glitter pheromones.

That’s useful, but more useful is what we discovered in the accidental isolation of the bad time: Each line of glitter eliminates certain issues or diseases.

I still don’t want to stay here one day longer than we have to, but I believe this is almost worth the stay.